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OneSchool Global – Wellington Campus

OneSchool is a dynamic, global, high-achieving school that challenges learning norms and fosters a positive learning culture.

Being a truly global school with campuses spanning many countries and cultures, it’s important to have an identity that is recognizable whether you’re in Buenos Aires, Bendigo or Barbados. Play’n’Learn was tasked with ensuring the new OneSchool Wellington Campus has a similar ‘look & feel’ to the other global campuses, yet caters to the unique needs of the staff, children, and families in the Wellington Campus community.

Key design principles and desired outcomes included:

  1. Staff –Student Connectivity
    • Learning Centres are to be designed to allow students to be visible at all times, considering continual line of sight and supervision.
  2. Furniture that supports ‘Self-Directed Learning’
    • Furniture is to be durable and fit-for-purpose.
    • Flexibility is important to allow the spaces to be multi-functional and agile.
    • Natural wood tones create an inviting, curiosity-stimulating learning environment.
  3. Outdoor Connectivity
    • A connection to the outdoors is important to stimulate learning. If possible, create an outdoor area with immediate connection that can be used for outdoor learning.
    • Inclusion of planting within the Learning Environment is healthy, and provides a welcoming environment for the students
  4. Acoustic Treatment
    • Inclusion of acoustic elements is important in open learning environments.
    • Sound absorbing Acoustic Panels integrated into the furniture and furnishings

Play’n’Learn engaged with all stakeholders from teachers and students, to the eBOT and parents during the design consultation phase. After clearly understanding the stakeholder needs and vision, the Play’n’Learn design team translated these needs into design principles. These design principles were unique to OneSchool Wellington Campus, and informed every element of our decision making; from the spatial and furniture design, to the selection of raw materials.

The end result is multi-functional learning environments that are beautiful, natural, and inspiring spaces that challenge learning norms and fosters a positive learning culture.

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