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    These beautiful cots are high quality and well made, easy to clean, very inviting and easy use. Parents love them and comment on them as they visit our centre. Would highly recommend them to other centres.

    Julie, Peanuts Childcare & Education Centre Whitianga What People Say

    Your Vision

    This is where we understand your purpose as a centre and where you fit in the ECE sector. We see beyond the current issues in the sector and project your dreams to a safe place in the future.

    Concepts and Design

    We ensure your community & target families’ needs are reflected in your philosophy, pedagogy and learning environment. We identify your project requirements like location, budget and timelines. With all this in mind, we create 3D plans to envision how your centre would be in real life. Nothing is left to chance.


      You can be confident that your centre meets with regulatory standards and excels in quality and design. We have years of experience in the ECE sector and are at the forefront of new trends and changes from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.


      You can feel safe every step of the way. We manage and optimise each stage in the production process, from design and fabrication until installation. This allows us to guarantee quality and fast centre delivery.