We live and breathe them

Core Values


Children are a courageous lot and are born believing in abilities, not barriers. Inspired by their can-do attitude, we bring that same courage to our daily work. We’re solutions, not problems people, and we like to test the limits of our comfort zones. By doing that, we ensure the best way forward for your centre, not just something that will suffice.


With a good dose of courage pumping through our veins, we’re not afraid to reach out – to connect and build relationships. Central to Play ‘n’ Learn’s success is our focus on partnerships. We believe that by working together with everyone involved in your project, your centre and your kids get the best result. No competition here, just conversations.


Because we’re always wearing our courageous caps and playing nicely with others, excellence follows naturally. Excellence is the result of what we do, but it’s also the way we do it. We carry the highest standards with us through our daily work, meaning that when the red ribbon is cut or your new products arrive, you’ll see only the best: Innovative, educational, healthy resources for hungry young minds.