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  • NEW

    Dual Lens Magnifiers

    $17.22 + GST
    Code: PL247439
    Available soon, reserve now
  • NEW

    Zoomy 2.0 Handheld Digital Microscope

    $94.99 + GST
    Code: PL247432
    Available soon, reserve now
  • Early Years Science Set (12pcs)-0

    Early Years Science Set (12pcs)

    $65.50 + GST
    Code: PL247238
    In Stock
  • Mix & Measure Set (21pcs)-0

    Mix & Measure Set (21pcs)

    $63.95 + GST
    Code: PL247316
    In Stock
  • Fine Motor Twisty Droppers (4pcs)-0

    Fine Motor Twisty Droppers (4pcs)

    $26.95 + GST
    Code: PL247236
    In Stock
  • Jumbo Eyedroppers (6pcs)-0

    Jumbo Eyedroppers (6pcs)

    $30.50 + GST
    Code: PL247237
    Available soon, reserve now
  • Rainbow Wooden Heuristic Set (84pcs)

    $273.50 + GST
    Code: PL225178
    Available soon, reserve now
  • Heuristic Play Starter Set-0

    Heuristic Play Starter Set (63pcs)

    $227.50 + GST
    Code: PL22587
    Available soon, reserve now
  • Wooden Heuristic Play Set (20pcs)-0

    Wooden Heuristic Play Set (20pcs)

    $90.95 + GST
    Code: PL22512
    In Stock
  • Sensory Tubes (4pcs)-0

    Sensory Tubes (4pcs)

    $59.95 + GST
    Code: PL247312
    Available soon, reserve now
  • Sturdy Scales-0

    Sturdy Scales

    $39.95 + GST
    Code: PL22525
    In Stock
  • Graduated Cylinders (7pcs)-0

    Graduated Cylinders (7pcs)

    $63.50 + GST
    Code: PL247223
    In Stock
  • Basic Geometric Volume Set (6pcs)-0

    Basic Geometric Volume Set (6pcs)

    $29.95 + GST
    Code: PL41118
    In Stock
  • Handy Scoopers (4pcs)-0

    Handy Scoopers (4pcs)

    $26.50 + GST
    Code: PL247239
    In Stock
  • Jumbo Tweezers (12pcs)-0

    Jumbo Tweezers (12pcs)

    $27.50 + GST
    Code: PL247206
    In Stock
  • Jumbo Test Tubes with Stand (7pcs)-0

    Jumbo Test Tubes with Stand (7pcs)

    $27.50 + GST
    Code: PL247205
    In Stock
  • Tornado Connector (3pcs)-0

    Tornado Connector (3pcs)

    $21.95 + GST
    Code: PL19482
    In Stock
  • Fountain Connector (3pcs)-0

    Fountain Connector (3pcs)

    $44.95 + GST
    Code: PL19441
    In Stock
  • Durable Bug Eye (4pcs)-0

    Durable Bug Eye (4pcs)

    $25.95 + GST
    Code: PL18718
    In Stock
  • 2-Way Bug Viewer (2pcs)-0

    2-Way Bug Viewer (2pcs)

    $48.50 + GST
    Code: PL18720
    In Stock
  • Big View Binoculars-0

    Big View Binoculars

    $27.50 + GST
    Code: PL247318
    In Stock
  • View Scope-0

    View Scope

    $41.50 + GST
    Code: PL247314
    Available soon, reserve now
  • Little Gem Magnifier Medium-0

    Little Gem Magnifier Medium

    $7.50 + GST
    Code: PL18714
    In Stock
  • Little Gem Magnifier Large-0

    Little Gem Magnifier Large

    $16.50 + GST
    Code: PL18716
    In Stock