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Trestles & Climbing Frames

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Explore our selection of climbing frames and trestles from our Active Play range, all of which comply with NZ Safety Standards. Our products are constructed with high-quality materials and designed to provide years of high-level performance.
Create your own games and activities with our play equipment for pre-schoolers. Our range of trestles and climbing frames helps you utilise various teaching styles to support the full development of children.
Enhance Skill Development
A climbing frame is a great tool to stimulate motor-planning skills and physical development. It promotes muscle growth, enhances balance and coordination and builds their motor skills. With outdoor climbing frames in place, children are challenged to plan their next step, deciding where they should place their feet and hands.
This helps their imagination climb to great heights. Whether it’s crossing an alligator-infested lake or climbing towers to save princesses or princes, our range of climbing frames, mountain ranges, alpine slopes, and spider webs will enhance their fun adventures.
Choose Play’n’Learn for Product Quality
All our products are tested for quality to ensure they meet the standards in childcare environments. Our goal is to help you create a space that is safe, enjoyable and enriching for your centre, teachers and students.
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