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Wooden Posting Wall

$399.95 + GST

A freestanding wooden wall with integrated posting tubes, textured tray liner and spheres. Ideal for explorative and sensory play.

Babies and toddlers will love posting the various textured spheres down the tubes and then collecting them to repeat over and over. This resource aligns to various schematic interests and appeals to young children’s sense of curiosity as they experiment through cause and effect. Can be wall mounted if required (fixings not included). Includes 8 balls and 1 tray liner.

Allow babies and toddlers to explore the posting wall independently as well as with gentle adult guidance through scaffolding. Encourage children to compare and investigate with the weight, size and texture of the different spheres as they post and experiment with them. Flip the textured tray liner to investigate the soft, fluffy material and the crinkly chequered side. Encourage babies and toddlers to listen carefully to the array of sounds made as each sphere falls down the tubes and lands on the different materials.

Add different materials to the tray, such as voiles to explore the various effects this has on the sounds and disappearance of the spheres. Support young children’s understanding of object permanence as they watch the balls disappear through the tubes and amongst the material.

Size: (LxWxH) 40 x 22 x 36cm

Estimated Dispatch: 26 JUN 2024
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