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Snoezelen Sound to Sight Showtime

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Sounds are turned into a dazzling show of light, colour and movement.

The panel responds to both changes in pitch and volume to create an ever-changing sensory experience. Engaging, interactive and rewarding. Encourages learning, and exploration and fosters a feeling of choice and empowerment. Why not try clapping, whistling or humming?

Features include:

  • With 66 unique and easy-to-use pattern combinations
  • Offers 6 patterns and 11 colours, including a stunning graphic equaliser effect
  • 3 modes of operation
  • Responds to pitch (frequency) and volume
  • To encourage vocalisation, use with one microphone or with two microphones (included) for follow-my-lead activities, turn-taking and pair-work
  • Use for team-work or competitively
  • Great for therapy and teaching
  • With a sound effect button allowing non-verbal users to interact alongside their peers
  • Accessible and illuminated push buttons
  • Sockets for your own switches

A sound card can be used in this panel (not included).

Size: 115H x 67W x 10cm

Why Choose this Snoezelen® product?

This product is manufactured in the UK by Rompa® t/a Snoezelen® and imported under an exclusive license by Play’n’Learn. Rompa® is the leading global sensory company, having been designing and installing Snoezelen® Sensory rooms in hospitals, schools, early education settings, and domestic settings for over 35 years. Play’n’Learn has recognised the need for improved quality in sensory products as they become more widespread throughout education settings in New Zealand, and these UK-Made products have had many years of intensive testing, development, and real-life commercial use. Choose commercial-grade quality sensory products by Play’n’Learn, to insure your sensory spaces are safe & compliant, effective for all users, and last the distance under proper cleaning routines.

Budget Alternatives for Education and Healthcare Clients

Contact Us to discuss options that will suit your budget. Delivery options and pricing may vary. Lease options for Snoezelen Sound to Sight Showtime are available from $20.87 per week

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Dimensions 10 × 67 × 115 cm


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