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Pebble Soft Play Set (4pcs)

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Experience the fusion of durability and design with our Pebble Soft Play Set, where safety meets imaginative play. Crafted for adaptability and ease of cleaning, this set features waterproof, commercial-grade vinyl that endures the cleaning regimens of educational settings, ensuring safety, hygiene, and ongoing fun.


  • x1 Extra Large Circle: 100cm diameter, 5cm thickness
  • x1 Large Circle: 80cm diameter, 5cm thickness
  • x1 Medium Circle: 60cm diameter, 5cm thickness
  • x1 Small Circle: 40cm diameter, 5cm thickness

Diverse Configuration: Comprising four circular pieces from an expansive 100cm to a cosy 40cm diameter, each 5cm thick, these shapes are brilliantly adaptable. Create a majestic pyramid structure or disperse them for snug, individual seating areas.

Commercial-Grade Vinyl: Each element is encased in a premium waterproof vinyl, tailored for the rigorous demands of commercial and educational environments. This robust material ensures longevity and enduring visual appeal.

Easy-to-Clean: The easy-clean nature of the waterproof vinyl makes maintenance a breeze, standing up effortlessly to the bleach solutions used in childcare and kindergarten settings, thereby promoting a hygienic play area.

Resilient Foam Core: Engineered with superior foam, these pieces retain their shape over time, providing a stable yet cushioned base for a variety of activities, from energetic play to tranquil reading sessions.

Investment in Quality: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our soft play set promises enduring performance in the demanding day-to-day of childcare centres.

The Pebble Soft Play Set is not just a play resource but a long-term addition to your educational furniture, promising safety, hygiene, and endless fun.

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