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Panel Porter

$3,199.95 + GST

The Panel Porter makes Rompa® Panels mobile and allows these to be pushed from room to room for multi-use!

Perfect for use between chairs or beds. Ideal for where wall-mounting is not viable. Hospitals and large schools often require the flexibility that the panel porter provides.

For up to 2 Rompa® Wall Panels (not included, to be purchased separately). With 1 plug but includes an integral 6-socket extension lead. Can also house 2 Light Sources inside and 2 Projectors (all to be purchased separately) on the top central shelf.

Not suitable for use with the Bubble Panel 22874.
The price is for the Panel Porter only, not the Panels shown in the pictures (these are illustrative).

Weight: 18kg
Size: 77.5W x 71.5D x 140H cm

Further Information
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Why Choose this Snoezelen® product?

This product is manufactured in the UK by Rompa® t/a Snoezelen® and imported under an exclusive license by Play’n’Learn. Rompa® is the leading global sensory company, having been designing and installing Snoezelen® Sensory rooms in hospitals, schools, early education settings, and domestic settings for over 35 years. Play’n’Learn has recognised the need for improved quality in sensory products as they become more widespread throughout education settings in New Zealand, and these UK-Made products have had many years of intensive testing, development, and real-life commercial use. Choose commercial-grade quality sensory products by Play’n’Learn, to insure your sensory spaces are safe & compliant, effective for all users, and last the distance under proper cleaning routines.

Budget Alternatives for Education and Healthcare Clients

Contact Us to discuss options that will suit your budget. Delivery options and pricing may vary. Lease options for Panel Porter are available from $20.63 per week

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Weight 0.775 kg
Dimensions 71.5 × 77.5 × 140 cm


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