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Nortica Bench

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Elevate your outdoor play space with the versatile Nortica Bench, seamlessly woven into the sustainable vision of the Play’n’Learn Nortica Collection:

  • Versatility at Core: Perfectly suited for art, sand and water play, or even climbing, ensuring multifaceted outdoor engagement.
  • Complementary Role: Designed to enhance messy play, it’s an excellent addition to your mud kitchen or sandpit.
  • Material: Crafted from Nortica Composite Timber, championing eco-consciousness in play equipment.
  • Eco-Impact: Integrates about 629 recycled milk bottles, and 34kg of reclaimed pine waste; repurposing waste into wonder.
  • Robust Stability: Broad feet ensure unwavering stability, keeping safety paramount even amidst curious climbers.
  • Maintenance Ease: The quality of Nortica Composite Timber promises easy cleaning, readying it for a fresh round of playtime after every messy endeavour.
  • Durability: Resilient against the varied New Zealand conditions, promising lasting beauty and function.

Size: (LxWxH) 120 x 56 x 56cm

Weight: approx. 50kg 2-Person Carry

Product Care: Read our Nortica product care guide HERE

This item is manufactured in-house, to order.

Made to Order

Estimated Dispatch: 11 AUG 2024
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Nortica Composite Timber Traditional Outdoor Timber
✅ Fade, Stain and Scratch resisting ❌ Fades and weathers quickly
✅ Ultra Low maintenance ❌ At-minimum quarterly maintenance
✅ Mold and mildew resisting ❌ Mould forms if in a damp & dark area
✅ No paint, stain or oiling ❌ Requires regular re-staining or oiling
✅ Won’t split, rot or warp ❌ Splits and warps with temperature change
✅ Highest achievable slip resistance P5 ❌ Slippery when wet or not certified

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