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Mini Active World Tray Set for Dark Den

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Introducing the perfect addition to any sensory
playroom, the Dark Den with a Mini Active World Tray!

With the ability to fit a mini Active World Tray inside, children can enjoy a wide range of sensory materials such as gloop, sand, and natural elements all within the confines of the dark den. The mini Active World Tray is perfect for providing different provocations that can stimulate children’s curiosity and promote their learning and development.

When combined with a fiber optic lamp or other light source, the dark den becomes a magical place that children will love to spend time in. The light shining through the materials within the Active World Tray will create a beautiful and mesmerizing effect that children will find fascinating.

The Mini Tuff Tray also fits inside our Dark Den, offering messy play, sand play, and water play options for the Dark Den.
Click HERE to view the dark den separately.

Size: L 70cm x W 70cm H (Adjustable) 45cm x 55cm x 65cm

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The Mini Tuff Tray stand is easy to store, adjustable, and has a quickly removable tray for cleaning, it fits through a standard doorway and is easy to assemble. Perfect for messy and sensory play.

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Dimensions 70 × 70 × 65 cm


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