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Kiwi Moon

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Created by award-winning children’s writer and illustrator Gavin Bishop, this is the story of a little white kiwi who longs to shine proudly like the moon.

This is the story of a young kiwi who doesn’t blend in – instead of the usual speckly brown feathers, his feathers are white. He decides that Te Marama, the moon, must be his mother, because she is white and bright and round like him.

Set during New Zealand’s past, this beautiful story also tells another story in the background, the story of the people who live at the pa and the changes that are imposed on them.

These two threads eventually weave together and disaster befalls them all. The little white kiwi must fight off many dangers before he can find his rightful place in the world and shine as he’s always dreamed of shining.

Created by acclaimed children’s writer and illustrator Gavin Bishop, readers will be spellbound by the story and illustrations.

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