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Weather Building Set

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This beautiful wooden building set brings the abstract concept of weather into a tangible, playful experience for children. The Weather Building Set, with its aesthetically pleasing and tactile pieces, ignites the imagination, allowing children to create and narrate their own weather stories. Crafting scenes of sunshine and rain, this set opens a world of storytelling and emotional exploration.

  • Size: Pieces range from 54 – 210 mm in width and 60 – 138 mm in height.
  • Contains 13 versatile pieces.
  • Ideal for building narratives around weather phenomena, aiding in emotional processing through play.
  • Suitable for constructing both simple and complex scenes, enhancing creativity.
  • Perfect for young learners to understand and emulate various weather conditions in a hands-on manner.
  • Suitable for children over 3 years age.

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