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Geometric PlayBox 120x120x118

$1,779.95 + GST


Designed for preschool and primary school settings, this large and versatile Geometric Play Box 120x120x118 is our most adaptable play box.

Ideal as a central piece in a moveable play environment or as an inviting outdoor retreat, it remains cool in summer and provides shelter from light rain or drizzle.

This play box aids in developing motor skills and encourages imaginative play. It can be used as a climber, a reading retreat, a shelter, or a role-play house, enhancing social interaction and creativity.

Deliberately kept under 120cm in height for compliance with New Zealand playground safety standards NZS 5828-2015.

Inspired by modern design, the playbox features geometric cutouts and shapes, fostering a connection with the world of mathematics and architecture.

Available in three engaging colours – Fern, Sand, and Mist, to complement any play environment.

Size: 120cm (L) x 120cm (W) x 118cm (H)

Key Features:

  • Precision Engineered: Crafted with a focus on detail using lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminium frames.
  • Innovative Materials: Thermoplastic composite panels for superior durability, weather resistance, and safety.
  • Safety First: High slip resistance, impact, and abrasion resistance for safer play. Fully certified to NZ Playground Equipment and Surfacing Standards NZ5828:2015 for peace of mind.
  • Sustainable Design: UV-resistant materials promote longevity, boasting up to 30 years of practical use.
  • Cost-Effective: Outperforms plywood options in lifespan and maintenance, offering much better long-term value than other alternative play boxes.

Please check your playspace access. This extra-large 120cm x 120cm playbox can sometimes not fit through gates, so alternative delivery will be arranged, such as hi-ab crane delivery, assembly on-site, or 2+ people to lift into place.

View the Care Instructions for this product. 

This item is manufactured in-house, to order.

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Feature Play’n’Learn Play Boxes Alternative Play Boxes
Material ✅ Thermoplastic composite panels ❌Plywood
Frame ✅ Lightweight aluminium ❌Timber
Durability ✅ Up to 30 years ❌Up to 5-10 years
Safety ✅ Non-porous & hygienic ❌Can become porous & risk of bacteria
Maintenance ✅ Low maintenance – Annual wash only. ❌High maintenance – Semi-annual repaint.
Climate Resilience ✅ Waterproof, UV-resistant ❌Susceptible to weather damage
Heat Resistance ✅ Does not heat up excessively ❌Can become hot to touch, reducing usefulness mid-summer
Aesthetics ✅ Long-lasting colour and finish ❌Paint prone to chipping
Value for Money ✅ Similar or higher initial cost but far greater value over time. Significantly improved value for money. ❌Lower or similar initial cost, much higher long-term cost.

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Playbox Colours

Fern, Mist, Sand

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  1. Launch Active Waipukurau

    “We have recently purchased two play boxes, two planks and a rock wall attachment for our under 2’s outdoor environment. This is supporting our tamariki to challenge their bodies and extend their physical abilities by climbing, balancing and jumping. We are extremely impressed with the quality of materials Play and Learn use to create their equipment; it looks and feels extremely durable, as well as being easy to move around our environment.”

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