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Foundations Dropside Cot with Drawer and Mattress

$1,265.95 + GST

Foundations Dropside Cot with Drawer & Mattress – an elegant blend of function, comfort, and aesthetics. This new model encompasses all the superb features of our Foundations Dropside Cot, with an added practical storage solution for an optimised sleep room experience.


  • Compact & Convenient: Saves space, fitting through doorways and utilising half the floor space of other cots.
  • One-Hand Operable Drop-Side: The intuitive one-hand operated drop-side mechanism allows an adult to effortlessly lower and raise the side while holding a child, embodying a blend of safety and convenience.
  • (NEW) Whisper-Track Dropside: Our unique Whisper-Track dropside contains a polymer filling, ensuring a quiet and smooth operation of the drop-side, allowing for an undisturbed transition in and out of the cot, a must-have feature, in a room with multiple sleeping children.
  • (NEW) Comfort Reach Gap: Thoughtfully designed drop-side has gaps that are wide enough to allow educators to reach through to comfort a child effortlessly, facilitating easier settling and supervision during sleep & well-being checks.
  • (NEW) Back-Friendly Ergonomics: Low drop-side reduces bending when lifting children in and out.
  • Added Storage: Includes a spacious, and smooth-running drawer for convenient storage.



Space-Saving Innovation
The integrated drawer beneath the cot is a real game-changer. It provides a handy, unobtrusive space to store spare linen, sleep aids, and sleeproom equipment. The high-quality, soft-close hinges ensure a premium, quiet operation that won’t disturb a sleeping child. Not only does this mean that additional linen storage cupboards are no longer needed, but it also reduces clutter, creating a more serene sleeproom environment.

Choose the Foundations Dropside Cot with Drawer & Mattress and experience the perfect fusion of strength, comfort, convenience, and clever storage in your sleeproom.

Note: This cot does not come with wheels or castors. Please contact our friendly team for customised options if desired. 

Size: (LxWxH) 100 x 60 x 120cm

This item is manufactured in-house, to order.

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Ergonomic Design
The highlight of our design is the one-hand operated dropside mechanism, which lowers 100% further than our previous model, making the cot suitable for a wider range of adult heights without compromising ergonomics.

Certified Strength
The Foundations Dropside Cot with Drawer & Mattress meets the Cot Standard AS/NZ2172013, featuring enhanced bracing and robust hardware.

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