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Flat Bridge

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Bridge new paths of exploration with our Flat Bridge attachment, expertly designed to connect two play boxes of equal height, creating an extended play space for children to traverse. At 1.2 metres long, it provides ample space for children to walk, run or crawl across, facilitating cooperative play and movement.


  • Easy to Integrate: Connects smoothly between any two play boxes of the same height, enhancing the play area with a new dimension.
  • Durable: Boasts a robust aluminium frame and thermoplastic sides, matched with durable New Zealand pine slats, ensuring a safe crossing for little adventurers.
  • Natural & Sensory: The pine decking provides a tactile experience underfoot, encouraging sensory engagement as children step across.

    Size: (LxW) 120 x 59cm

    Play’n’Learn Play Box Collection: 

    • Durable Build: Made with robust thermoplastic composite panels and lightweight aluminium framing, these playboxes are built to last and resist the elements.
    • Easy Upkeep: The materials used allow for simple cleaning and maintenance, ensuring a hygienic space for play and discovery.
    • Longevity and Value: With a lifespan much longer than traditional plywood options, this playbox is a prudent investment for any educational setting.
    • Safety: High slip resistance, Impact and abrasion resistance, Waterproof and UV-resistant properties.

    By investing in a Play’n’Learn Play Box, you’re securing a modular playspace solution that’s innovative, safe, durable, and environmentally conscious.

    This item is manufactured in-house, to order.

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    Feature Play’n’Learn Play Boxes Alternative Play Boxes
    Material ✅ Thermoplastic composite panels ❌Plywood
    Frame ✅ Lightweight aluminium ❌Timber
    Durability ✅ Up to 30 years ❌Up to 5-10 years
    Safety ✅ Non-porous & hygienic ❌Can become porous & risk of bacteria
    Maintenance ✅ Low maintenance – Annual wash only. ❌High maintenance – Semi-annual repaint.
    Climate Resilience ✅ Waterproof, UV-resistant ❌Susceptible to weather damage
    Heat Resistance ✅ Does not heat up excessively ❌Can become hot to touch, reducing usefulness mid-summer
    Aesthetics ✅ Long-lasting colour and finish ❌Paint prone to chipping
    Value for Money ✅ Similar or higher initial cost but far greater value over time. Significantly improved value for money. ❌Lower or similar initial cost, much higher long-term cost.

    Additional information

    Weight 0.45 kg
    Playbox Colours

    Fern, Mist, Sand


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