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Corner Guard Deluxe Grey

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A fall against a sharp edge or corner easily results in a visit to the doctor. Avoid nasty injuries by protecting dangerous corners and edges with the Corner Guard.

Play’n’Learn’s corner guards prevent serious injuries when children stumble and bump into a sharp edge or corner. Corner protection is indispensable in elementary schools, children’s playgrounds, and indoor playgrounds. A collision with a sharp angle or edge can have serious consequences for children. The robust material of the Corner Guard Deluxe absorbs impact from the heaviest crashes, minimizing injury to children in accidents.

  • for indoor and outdoor use (weatherproof)
  • fire retardant
  • bite-resistant
  • dimensions:
    • 100(h) x 6.1(w) x 6.1(d) cm (outer size)
    • 100(h) x 4.1(w) x 4.1(d) cm (inner size)
  • weight corner guard: 460 grams
  • colour: grey
    • ivory, yellow, blue, green and red colours available on an indent-basis (MOQ’s apply).
  • resistant from -20 to +40° Celsius
  • made of polyurethane integral foam with closed skin

As with any commercial product containing high-density foam, the Corner Guard Deluxe Grey has a high bite resistance. However, to mitigate this very-unlikely risk, checking wall guards for pierced surfaces should be included in Early Childhood Services’ daily H&S checks.

Corner Guards should be installed using industrial double-sided tape (available from most hardware stores), velcro, or RENIA ORTEC ADHESIVE. Search “PL53701” to find this adhesive. You will need approximately 1 Litre of adhesive for every 5-6 Corner Guards.

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