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Caterpillar Stacking Activity Set

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These colourful blocks can be mixed and matched to create an adorable caterpillar family! The blocks contain flat and curved surfaces to produce wiggly, colourful caterpillars. The pegged board means the caterpillar towers won’t fall over, increasing confidence in little ones. They can explore colour combinations on their own or by using the activity cards as a guide.

Size: (LxH) Base 23 x 11cm

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The adorable Caterpillar Stacking Activity Set exercises fine motor skills and fun filled sensory exploration, along with sorting, matching and sequencing skills. The pegged base allows for stacking multiple angled, colour coded blocks to create a variety of colourful caterpillar families. Set includes colour matching activity cards.

Size: (LxH) Base 23 x 11cm


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