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Marvellous Music Set (35pcs)

$538.95 + GST

The Marvellous Music Set contains all you need to lead a fun and interesting music lesson. There are enough instruments for all children to take part, or work in small groups. Provide the set during imaginative play to allow children to experiment with instruments such as maracas, castanets, shakers, triangle and tambourine. At the end of each session, the instruments can be packed away and stored in the handy basket, keeping your room tidy and organised!

Set includes:
Bamboo Slit Drum
Headless Wooden Tambourine
UkuleleTriangle & Beater
6x Hand Castanets
Double Tone Block & Beater
Guiro Wooden Shaker
Dancing Wooden Bells
Wooden Shaker
Papaya Caxixi Shaker
4x Mini Wooden Maracas
2x Sleigh Bells
6x Rainbow Wrist Bands
Storage Basket

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