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Let’s Roll Stones – Wetland Life (6pcs)

$37.95 + GST

Let’s go pond dipping! There are so many discoveries to be made with this set of intriguing rollers. As you roll and stamp into play dough or clay, reveal the hidden stories of what lives in and around our ponds. Match the frogs to the lily pads, hide the fish in the weeds, see how the dragonfly darts through the rushes, all while creating satisfying sensory art. Children will develop the muscles in their hands as they press and roll in different ways.
The set includes the following pond life: frog and lily pads, fish and weeds, duck and pond, kingfisher and perch, pond skater and duckweed, dragonfly and bulrushes. Made from our durable stone mix, each set contains six rollers and are easy to clean.
Size: (LxW) 7.2 x 3.4cm

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