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Aroha’s Book Set (5pcs)

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The Aroha Book Set (5pcs) is a set-saving collection of our best selling Aroha’s way series to help your children learn to recognise and label their own emotions and broaden their emotional literacy. This has never been so important than the unpredictable world our children are facing today.

Included in the bundle:

  1. #1 NZ Bestseller & Award-winning – How Do I Feel? A Dictionary of Emotions for Children – with 60+ definitions to help children identify and understand emotions
  2. NZ Bestseller – Aroha’s Way – A children’s guide through emotions. Come along on a journey with Aroha, as she wards off nervousness, fear, worrying thoughts and apprehension, with simple, yet effective tools that everyone can use. These emotions are the four emotions associated with anxiety.
  3. NZ Bestseller – Let It Go – Emotions are energy in motion. Join Aroha and her friends as they navigate their way through four emotions: sadness, anger, shame and fear. Let It Go encourages children to explore what emotions feels like in their body and find a unique way to release them.
  4. Play’n’Learn Bestseller – Aroha Knows. Aroha knows that nature is there for you and for me. Spending time out in nature makes her feel all kinds of wonderful emotions. Throughout the book, Aroha and her friends experience our amazing world and we prompt children and adults to think about how it can benefit our wellbeing.
  5. Play’n’Learn Bestseller – Finding My Calm. Using the fun ‘Five, Four, Three, Two, One’ rhyme is an easy way for children to remember to use their senses to find their way back to calm

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