Team Motivator

With your help we have developed our monthly team motivator!teammotivatorreward

This is a poster which we email to subscribers at the beginning of every month. You can print them off and place them in your centre for students and teachers to read, or email them to your team members. You can even use them to help communicate with parents, or have a discussion about the messages with your team. This sort of team development leads to the ongoing growth of your team's abilities and creates a more professional environment for you all to work in.

Success, whether big or small, happens all the time. We invite all of our clients to meet our challenge and email us with your best success story, no matter if it's regarding your staff, students or parents, we will publish one in our Bi-Monthly Newsletter and post some on our website so that others can read the stories and also be encouraged and inspired.
Read some truly inspiring stories below that people have been kind enough to share with us, and we look forward to hearing from you soon about the latest success story from your centre!

The best success story each month wins  a pack of quality educational resources for teachers and children to enjoy, so let us know yours!