Outdoor Wooden Kitchen

The Outdoor Wooden Kitchen comprises of a central oven with four hot plates, two sinks with plastic bowls and an open back panel which can be used for hanging utensils and can be used outdoors or indoors to support children’s play and empowering learning environments. 

The Outdoor Wooden Kitchen supports children’s ideas in creative and expressive play, such as playing a character such as chief, cook, kitchen hand, mum, or dad working alongside or together to develop co-operative skills. The separate units also provide children with different or similar roles to promote opportunities for shared roles, or turn-taking, developing communication abilities, and language skills, and learning about teamwork. The easy-to-clean Outdoor Wooden Kitchen also makes it ideal for mighty messes in children’s kitchen. Children learn skills in caring for the environment, such as cleaning together after a hard day of cooking, food preparation, and pretend play. Assembly required.

Size: (LxWxH) 112 x 46.5 x 92cm


Product ID: PL21300


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