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Tiny Tots Wet Sand Set (32pcs)

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Exploring, moving and moulding wet sand holds a fascination for many children, making the wet sand area a favourite place to play and explore. Children enjoy how wet sand feels and how easily it can be squashed and squeezed into all sorts of shapes and forms! Invest in Tiny Tots Wet Sand Set (32pcs) to help refresh your infant and toddler sand play opportunities.

Set includes:
Tiny Tots Super Tuff Bucket (2pcs)
Bucket with Spout (2pcs)
Ergo Scoop (2pcs)
Ergo Rake 20cm (2pcs)
Ergo Float (1pc)
Ergo Trowel (1pc)
John Deere Mini Vehicles (2pcs)
Large Sealife Set (6pcs)
Pine Cones 200gsm
Bundt Sand Moulds (3pcs)
Blobb Funnel (2pcs)
Sieve (2pcs)
Heuristic Play: Driftwood Piece (2pcs)
Heuristic Play: Alpine Coloured Stone (4pcs)

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