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Nórtica Water Pump Station

$829.95 + GST

Nórtica is the latest development within Play’n’Learn’s natural outdoor furniture range. The Nórtica collection brings together robust, modern design, with sustainably sourced raw materials that have been carefully chosen for the highest durability.

Nórtica represents Play’n’Learns commitment to both functional design, and long-lasting quality. All our Nórtica products are fit for purpose; over the long term.

A stainless steel water pump connected to a half barrel, making the most versatile water play activity. Perfect for the sandpit, or in it’s own water play area outside. Manufactured in-house from wood is waterproof and has been treated to prevent warping. The pump is industrial grade, and will not clog up with sand, or rust.
The Nórtica water pump station captures the pumped water, and reuses it, making it simple to teach children about sustainability and conserving water. This is a favourite activity that will last for years. Assembly not required.
Size: (LxWxH) 82 x 82 x 75cm

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