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Junior Wet Sand Set (60pcs)

$412.50 + GST

The Junior Wet Sand Set offers you an exciting range of small world resources that are ideal for outdoor use, for tamariki ages 3-7 yrs. Support tamariki as they develop a deeper understanding of core curriculum skills with this ready-made Wet Sand Resource Collection for 3-7 yrs. As young ākonga move and mould sand into different shapes and forms; make patterns and impressions and play imaginatively, their knowledge of maths, science and language will develop and flourish.

Set includes:
Bucket with Spout (2pcs)
Clear Bucket 14cm (2pcs)
Sand Driller
Castle Wall Sand Moulds (4pcs)
John Deere Excavator 38cm
John Deere Dump Truck 38cm
High Grade Metal Spade
High Grade Metal Rake
Eco Tactile Shells (36pcs)
Castle Bucket (1pc)
Sieve (2pcs)
Super Shovel 40cm (2pcs)
Super Shovel 49cm (2pcs)
Sturdy Scales
Pine Cones 200gsm
Heuristic Play: Driftwood Piece (2pcs)

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