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Junior Natural Wet Sand Set (68pcs)

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Tired of the plastic-fantastic style sand play resources in your outdoor environments? This Natural Wet Sand Set has been designed to meet the sand play needs of tamariki aged 3-7 yrs, while promoting beautiful and durable natural materials. This set is perfect for primary schools embracing a learning through play pedagogy.

Set includes:
Rustic Bowls (3pcs)
Sensory Play Stone Animals (8pcs)
Eco Tactile Shells (36pcs)
Metal Bucket Silver (2pcs)
Aluminium Scoop (2pcs)
High Grade Metal Spade (3pcs)
High Grade Metal Rake (3pcs)
Wooden High Side Truck
Wooden High Side Trailer
Pine Cones 200gsm
Heuristic Play: Driftwood Piece (2pcs)
Heuristic Play: Granite Stone (2pcs)
Heuristic Play: Grey Flat Stone (2pcs)

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