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How Do I Feel? Card Set (65pcs)

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How Do I Feel? Box Set of 65 Cards


This stunning boxed card set will help our children learn to recognise and label emotions and feelings. The set is from the best-selling book ‘How Do I Feel? A Dictionary of Emotions for Children’ and includes all 63 emotions and an introvert and extrovert card.
The cards are printed on high quality card are and durable, suited for both schools and early childhood services.

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Kaiako in schools and early childhood settings can use these cards in a variety of ways:

  1. Individual Intervention – Use these cards to start conversations with individual tamariki who may be overwhelmed or struggling to regulate their behaviour.
  2. Small Group Activity – These cards could be used as a small group activity to encourage tamariki to share their feelings with others and develop empathy of their peers.   
  3. Provocations – Use the cards along with art materials so tamariki can create artwork to model or represent the emotions they are feeling.

About the activity:

With a beautiful illustration of the emotion on one side and the name and definition on the other side, these cards will be a helpful tool for any parent or teacher wishing to help expand emotional literacy in children. Use these cards to start conversations about different emotions. If you can, give examples of times you have experienced a particular emotion. When you see a child experiencing an emotion, help your child label it. “Are you feeling … right now?” and show them the corresponding card.

Learning to recognise and label our emotions correctly is such an important skill for life. Giving our children this language helps to build emotional literacy. It is a gift to give children the tools to know how to recognise what they truly feel and that is it okay to feel all emotions. When they know that no emotion is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and that all emotions provide messages, then it takes away any attachment to that emotion being part of who they are.

  • Card Size – Size – 120mm x 160mm (Landscape)
  • Recommended Age – 2+


Kim G. – “Excellent tool to use with the children I work with as a Social Worker. I am also excited to use them with children on the spectrum, as I feel they will be a great resource to introduce an array of feelings to them. Thank you for these wonderful resources LOVE them.

Whetu W. – “I have used the book and cards in my year 3 4 class and with staff. The tamariki loved looking at the pictures to help them express how they are feeling and learning about how helpful that feeling is. I have told a lot of my friends and colleagues and couple of them have already brought them one for their class or their whānau.

Fee O. – “Love them, as a children’s Counsellor they’re invaluable in helping younger children understand their emotions, great as they discuss facial expressions, looks and feels.

Judy A. – “My daughter is a young adult who has Down Syndrome and she has recently been suffering from depression. We have found all the “How do I feel” and “Aroha” resources so helpful to support her to understand her emotions and help with communication in general. The visual nature of the cards are perfect for someone with an intellectual disability and have been very helpful, thank you.

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