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BestStart Naenae

Four years ago, the Naenae community was privileged with the opening of a BestStart Centre. The Centre Manager, Emma Barber, states the motivating factor for the centre to extend their facility was the need in the community for care and education for the under two age group. As a community-focused centre, the needs of their community are at the forefront of everything they have to offer, and they work tirelessly to collaborate with families to build trusting long-lasting relationships.

For many years, BestStart has used Play’n’Learn as a supplier for educational resources and have built a positive relationship with them. Despite this lengthy relationship, BestStart had never done furniture set up with Play’n’Learn, so Emma was keen to give them this opportunity to value their unique partnership further. A significant point of interest was the fact that Play’n’Learn offers custom-made furniture, as it gave the centre the freedom to choose what they could have in their centre. This was especially important to meet the diverse needs of the children.

BestStart Naenae was looking for a supplier that would help them fill their space with joy, creativity, educational purpose and provide a safe haven for the children of their community – and Play’n’Learn provided just that! Emma and her team were able to choose exactly what they wanted for the centre, keeping their vision and values at the forefront of their facility.

As a culturally diverse centre with equally diverse learning needs, BestStart Naenae required furniture and resource set up to reflect these needs to ensure it was catering for all children in the community. The freedom to choose furniture, and have it custom-made if necessary, made this an easy challenge to overcome and ensured that BestStart Naenae could remain focused on their all-inclusive philosophy, providing a sense of belonging and cultivating rich learning opportunities.

Many of the local primary schools have offered positive feedback and are keen to know where the furniture and resources were sourced. Local families are also truly thankful for the outcome and love that they can send their children to a safe and nurturing environment whose values are reflected in the everyday set up of the centre.

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