Who Makes it Work?

Meet the Team

Rimma Podporina

Design Team

Rimma is taking the Design Team to the next level. Her experience creating modern learning environments is evident with every new design coming out of her toolbox. She enjoys spending time with her family, especially baking cakes with her two young children.

Matthew Witty


Matthew is our Chief Financial Officer, part of our leadership team in charge of making the business tick. At Play ‘n’ Learn for seven years, he gets a real kick out of exploring exciting developments in the ever-evolving ECE market and loves bringing innovation and fresh change to Play ‘n’ Learn customers. From Matthew’s perspective, young minds need every available resource to help them grow to their full potential, and a passionate guide to support them along the challenging path to adulthood.

Hadleigh Witty


Hadleigh is one of our friendly Consultants and has been with us here at Play ‘n’ Learn for three years. The best part of his job is working alongside ECE professionals, who have increased his respect for the amazing work our clients do every day – inspiring and teaching the next generation! Hadleigh says that because jobs, workplaces and communities are changing at a rapid pace, designing fit-for-purpose childcare centres and innovative environments has never been more central to preparing young minds for the future.

Rachel Leach

Accounts Team

Rachel keeps our team ticking along in the Admin and Accounts hot seat and has been part of the Play ‘n’ Learn family for 16 years! Outside of the office, she enjoys her role as homemaker, and during the week puts her skills as an organisational whizz to work on our database, which she enjoys keeping ship-shape and up to date. Rachel knows how much stimulation young minds need, which is why she loves keeping tabs on all the products and services Play ‘n’ Learn offers.

Johnny Te Ariki

Operations Team

Johnny is one of our Storemen and Dispatchers by day, an awesome dad and musician by night. He loves the working environment at Play ‘n’ Learn, which is team-focused and non-hierarchical. Johnny thinks kids do best if they have a will to win and to succeed in life, and, through Play ‘n’ Learn’s resources, enjoys empowering kids to feel that way.

Jovan Witty

Design Team

Jovan is our newest Designer, and already a key member of the Play ‘n’ Learn team. When he’s not working hard to design resources and environments for our wonderful clients, he enjoys keeping fit and getting out to the coast for some spearfishing and freediving. Jovan knows how quality environments and resources can impact on a child’s ability to explore and learn and loves bringing those things to the centres we serve.

Juliette Hart

Procurement Team

Juliette is a key member of the Procurement Team. In her spare time can be found hiking uphill and down dale along the many beautiful walks, New Zealand has to offer. She’s been with Play ‘n’ Learn for four years and finds the team inspiring and motivating to work with. Juliette loves getting the word out about Play ‘n’ Learn’s services, and watching those efforts translate to beautiful new centre designs and engaging classrooms.

Darren Witty


Darren is part of our friendly Sales team, and a Play ‘n’ Learn Guru with ten years under his belt. After work, he enjoys catching up with friends and is a dab hand on the BBQ! He loves coming to work to create innovative, buildable learning environments for children, although his advice for feeding young minds is to make sure they get plenty of sleep!

Isla Osten

Customer Service Team

Isla is one of our Customer Service superstars, always ready to find solutions to your problems. When Isla’s not helping our clients put their best foot forward with their centres, she’s hot-footing it around Wellington, exploring the amazing walks the region has to offer with her dog, Ella. Isla loves working with the Play ‘n’ Learn team and can see just how far a little inspiration and nurturing (and a lot of love) can go when raising the next generation.

David Witty


David is our founder and CEO – the captain of our ship who breathed life into Play ‘n’ Learn eighteen years ago, and who constantly strives to do more for our clients and the young ones in their charge. When David’s not scouring the globe for new and innovative resources for early childhood education, he’s enjoying family time with his wife and three boys – often around a classic kiwi BBQ. His number one goal this year is to have inspired 1 million young minds through Play ‘n’ Learn’s work.