All-In-One Play Tray/Lid/Spanner (3pcs) Blue

All-In-One Play Trays provide your learning environments with a multipurpose resource for children’s play activities and experiences. Made of all-weather plastic, the spacious and durable play trays (and lids) are designed with smooth edges to ensure children’s safety. Play Trays can promote and encourage children’s individual interests and group activities such as exploring fossils, exploring colours and tactile experiences with play dough and fingerpaint, finding treasure in the sand, and water play. The play tray lid can be used separately and converted into activity tables for messy play, building and construction activities. All-In-One Play Tray lid has an anti-spill lip, which clips onto the tray and the trough comes with a plug for easy draining.

Size: (DxH) 110 x 52cm

- Elevated play space means less sand or water on your children's clothes
- Multiple Functions - water play, sand play, nature play, dough play, finger paint play
- Stackable - great for storage
- UV resistant plastic - No metal = No rust!
- Fade resistant
- Large plug for easy draining
- Accommodates 8 to 10 kids

Product ID: PL30023